European Parlament


“The installation of ECO SAVER at the European Parliament in Strasburg will enable a 9,000 kWh/year reduction in energy consumption, in other words a reduction of 12%, without affecting the quality of the lighting. This means savings of €70,000 over a 5-year period!”

Bratislav Marjanovic, Axima GDF SUEZ

Euro Airport


“By choosing Aura Long Life compact fluorescent lamps, we have been able to reduce the frequency of lamp replacement by 66%, and at the same time improve passenger comfort. This results in a significant reduction in maintenance cost of €12.25 (ex. VAT) per lamp. Based on 1,000 installed Aura compact fluorescent lamps, we save 660 kg of CO associated with transporting the lamps and 360 kg associated with waste, lamp production and packaging.”

Jean-Marc Kuster, Eletrics Department



“The tourist city of Cesenatico cares about the ecologic activities in the region. It contributes to sustainable development by using products which contributes to the reduction of CO emissions. Consequently, the Sodinette lamp is a perfect solution for cities which are sensitive to ecologic matters. “

Walter Rocchi, Cesenatico Italy

Hera Luce

hera luce

“After a number of tests we decided to work with Aura Light to provide the cities with long-life, high-quality products. “

Eng. Mauro Massari, Technical Director, Hera Luce S.r.l., Italy

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